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Winchester's January Blog


We began January by looking at partitioning numbers into tens and ones. We used bead strings to help us identify how many tens and ones are in 2 digit numbers and then we challenged ourselves by adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. Then we used language linked to multiplication and division. We started by looking at arrays and repeated additions. Winchester class used their addition knowledge and counting in 2s. 5s and 10s to support our understanding. We looked at grouping objects and writing multiplication equations from images and physical objects. 

We then moved on to sharing objects equally between a number of groups. We looked at halving even numbers up to 20 and then we challenged ourselves by sharing equally between groups of 2,3,4,5 and 6. We also used the part-part model to help us. 


In English, we have been looking at the story of 'The Man On the Moon'. We made a story map and made actions to remind ourselves of the order of the story. We looked at the main character 'Bob' and his job was to clean the moon. Bob believed there were no aliens on the moon but when he went home they got to play and made lots of mess. We then looked at adjectives and how we can use them to describe our characters, setting and story. The children wrote sentences to explain what they could see, hear, touch, smell and taste. We used these descriptions to innovate our setting and write a short narrative about our adventures to our new planet. 


In science we have been looking at plants. We have looked at what plants need to grow and we planted some green bean seeds and we have watched them grow over the past few weeks. We have been on a plant hunt and looked on the field to see what common pants we could identify. We then moved on to looking at types of trees and we categorised them into evergreen and deciduous trees. We then went on another hunt across the school to see what we could find and asked questions about how they know they are evergreen or deciduous trees. 

Hall Place 


We were lucky enough to visit Hall Place on Wednesday 26th January. We went to consolidate our knowledge of Victorians and the toys from that era. The children were introduced to lots of toys from a long time ago and had the opportunity to play with them and experience life as a Victorian child. We had lunch and then had time to explore the gardens and see the tree creatures and maze. We had lots of fun and enjoyed learning about the different toys.