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All about Humans... 3/4/19

This term in Science, Chichester have been focusing on the human body. First of all, we looked at the types of food humans need to eat to help them stay strong and healthy. A healthy, balanced diet is when someone has the right amounts of each food group and does not overindulge on a particular one. For example, someone who eats too much saturated fat will eventually become overweight and start to damage some organs such as their heart. 


After learning about healthy eating and balanced diets, we looked at the skeleton. Did you know that an adult human has 206 bones? What is even more interesting is that when a person is born, they have 270 bones! These extra bones begin to fuse as a person gets older; particularly in the skull.  We looked at major bones in the human body and the function of the rib cage which of course protects our major organs. 


To finish our unit, we looked at how humans move. Humans are able to move because they have muscles in different parts of the body. These muscles work in pairs and as one contracts, the other relaxes and these are known as  an antagonistic pair of muscles. We learned that muscles are attached to bone by ligaments and that tendons connect muscle to muscle.