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Winchester's November Blog

Welcome to Winchester's November Class Blog



In English we have been looking at instructions and imperative verbs. We looked at the ingredients we needed to make gingerbread men and why it is important that we put them in the correct order.

We followed a recipe which was: 

1. Put the butter and flour in the bowl. 

2. Mix until it is crumbly. 

3. Add brown sugar, golden syrup, bicarbonate of soda, ginger and an egg.

4. Roll out your mixture and cut your gingerbread man shape. 

5. Put the gingerbread man into the oven. 

6. Take it home and eat it. 

We then moved on to innovating our idea to other ginger bread objects. We has gingerbread bells, hearts, girls, dogs and many other wonderful creations. 



In Maths we started by looking at addition and subtraction stories to support their understanding. We made up stories such as ' First I have 5 cherries and then my friend gave me 10 more cherries. How many do I have now?'. We used pictures and designs to show our understanding of addition and subtraction. We have then moved on to looking at height and length. We have compared a range of objects around the classroom and have identified of they are longer, taller or shorter than each other. 



In Science we have been looking at the 4 seasons of the year. We have looked at the weather we experience in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. We have looked into the season Autumn and took the children on an Autumn hunt around the school. We discussed how the trees change; how some lose their leaves and some leaves change colour. We discussed how we dress differently in each season and how we need to be appropriate dressed or we may become unwell. We then looked at key terminology such as hibernation and which months animals might hibernate in.