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July 2021

The grand finale




In English York Class continued working on writing captions. Next, we began Wow week, the children planned and wrote stories about their characters from their theme. They wrote stories about princesses, superheroes, fairies and dinosaurs, which we hope you have enjoyed reading. York Class also have been learning spell a long word like 'because'. We have learnt it by remembering the rhyme 'big elephants can always understand smaller elephants'. 



In Maths York Class worked through their plans for Wow week. They used their theme to tell the time, solve addition and subtraction and learn the value of money. The children used resources such as cubes, dienes, clocks and money to help them. Next we looked at sharing an equal amount, the children used part-part whole modals to help share a given amount. In pairs they had to see what numbers could be shared equally.

South Africa day


York Class celebrated and discovered all about South Africa. First, the children discovered where South Africa was in the world and made their own flags of the country. Next, they made a beaded bracelet, like the ones traditionally worn. After, they went on a taste test journey, the children tried lime juice, plantain, figs and dried biscuits, which are eaten and drank in South Africa. Finally, the children learnt about the 'Big 5' animals of South Africa. We made telescopes and went on safari around the school to see what we could find. The children were amazed to find rhinos and elephants on the field.


Come and have a look at what we have been doing.