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York's March Blog


In English, York class have been looking at the story 'Handas Surprise'. We discovered that Handa lived in Africa and was packing fruit in a basket to send to her friend Akeyo. York class began writing diary entries from Handa, they used adjectives to describe the fruit and animals. They wrote sentences such as, the long necked giraffe stole the green leaved pineapple. Next we innovated the story to a farm in Erith. The children continued to write diary entries from Handa about the new farm animals. Finally we changed our diary entry to when the farmer had delivered the fruit to Christ Church School and we then had to deliver it to a child in Winchester class. In our diaries there were many obstacles that got in the way of our delivery. 


In MAths we have been looking at the time. We looked at o'clock and half past. First the children sequenced the days of the week and months of the year. Next, we looked at morning, afternoon and the evening. Finally, we used the clocks to discover clockwise and anti clockwise. The children set the time on the clocks and talked to each other describing what they could see. They used their maths language such as, I know it is 8 o'clock because the minute hand is on the 12 and the hour hand is on the 8. 


Our CCCS topic this half term is called 'Come Dine With Me!'. First we began by looking at the history of food. We discovered that during medieval banquets they ate a lot of food. They ate food such as turtle soup, pigeon pie and veal steaks. York class decided that they wouldn't like to eat this food. Next we used oil pastels to create our art work on fruit. The children drew apples, bananas and tangerines. Finally we looked at where food comes from, the children discovered that meat comes from animals and fruit and vegetables come from plants. 

In March we had World Book Day and Come to school dressed as a hero. Come and see what we have been up to.