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Leicester's January Blog 2022

Leicester Class returned after Christmas with two exciting 'safaris'. The first week back we spent time discussing what makes a Christian identity and what makes us unique and celebrated our own individual gifts. After that we focussed on 'Terrain of Thought' which focussed on exploring natural features of a place, region or country. 



In English, our focus was on stories from other cultures. We used a short story called 'Fly, Eagle Fly' to explore how we could use direct speech to develop our own writing. We met two characters, a farmer and his friend, who had a disagreement on whether a bird was an eagle or a chicken. We also discussed parables and why cultures shared different stories. Our story was meant to inspire people to fulfil their potential. At the end of our topic, we created our own stories titled 'Roar, Lion Roar!'.




In maths, we have reviewed a wide range of calculation skills, applying them to solving problems. We have also spent the last week identifying different angles. We discussed that angles represent a measurement of turn using degrees. We identified whether an angle was acute, right, obtuse or a straight line. We then explored different shapes and whether their internal angles where acute, right or obtuse. 




In science, we have been investigating sound. We began with an investigation to identify what causes sound and the big ideas around energy being transferred in the form of sound waves (vibrating particles through a medium). We then looked at the biology of the human ear and why we are able to hear sounds the way we do. We will also be able to tell you why the semi-circular canals make you feel dizzy when you spin! 



Religious Education

In RE, we have been exploring gospel. We have been discussing how Christian's beliefs that Jesus was on earth spreading the good news, and calling for 'fishers of men' impact their lives today. We have looked at a range of churches notice boards to identify how they spread good news, how they support their local community and how they apply Jesus' teachings (such as loving their neighbours by supporting charities, or showing generosity by providing to food banks).