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February 2022


In science, we have been learning about forces! We have conducted several investigations to help us understand how water resistance, air resistance, friction and gravity all work. Whilst you may not realise it, forces are in action everywhere we go - whether it's friction helping us to not fall over on the playground or air resistance slowing the leaves down.

When we investigated water resistance, we made three different shapes (one was streamlined, one was flat and one was in the middle). Our investigation found that the shape that was more streamlined had less water resistance when dropped in water and therefore travelled faster. Whereas, the flatter shape had a bigger surface area and therefore had more water resistance. This caused the shape to travel slower than the others.



Recently in maths, we have been looking at measurement - finding perimeter and area and estimating volume and capacity. We learnt that capacity is the amount a container can hold, whereas volume is the amount of space an object takes up. To help us to learn this, we conducted a practical maths lesson, which involved looking at variety of containers and estimating what their volume would be when full up. Once we had made our estimation, we then checked how close we were by using 1cmcubes to fill up the containers. When checking the bigger containers we used our knowledge that volume = width x length x height to help us. 


Number Day!

We had lots of fun dressing up on number day! We completed several activities that involved looking at numbers in different ways. Firstly, we completed a code breaking sheet that involved solving mathematical puzzles to unveil the key words. Then, we looked at how our heart rate changed after exercise - we spent a minute counting our pulse by putting two fingers to our neck or wrist and then watched how much it changed after jumping around for another minute. Finally, we played 'who wants to be a millionaire?' number day style!