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June 2021



We began June by looking at a story called 'Max the Brave'. Max is a cat who goes on an adventure to find a mouse to chase. We discovered that Max was very brave, as a cheeky mouse tricked him into chasing a monster. First, we made predictions as what would happen to max and then we compared the story to 'Max and Bird'. York Class enjoyed reading and working through both books. Finally they made their own version of the story, using their own character. We hope you have enjoyed listening to their stories at home.



In maths we began by looking at time and solving time word problems. We recapped on o'clock and half past, the children then went on to look at questions that asked us what the time would be an hour before or an hour after. Next, we looked at position and direction. In class we had already looked at clockwise and anti clockwise, so we then looked at a quarter turn, half a turn, three quarter turn and a whole turn. We used our maths language with partners to describe how we using our bodies to turn.



In science we have been looking at plants and how they grow. We began by planting a runner bean seed, the children used plant pots, compost and a seed. We discussed where would be the best place to put the bean and how much we should water it. York Class decided that the plants would need sunlight and be watered everyday to help them grow.

Next, we took a walk onto the school field and discovered what plants we could find growing. We found lots of daisies and buttercups, we found that these were actually wild flowers that grow anywhere. Finally, we designed our own gardens using pictures of flowers to help us. We had to decide which plants we wanted and get rid of the weeds. 

Come and have a look at what we have been up to.