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3/3/21 -Rochester Class

This week we have been learning about poetry and using Michael Rosen's Poem 'I Opened a Book' as inspiration for different genres of writing. The poem begins with somebody who hears a voice from a book. When the narrator moves closer, a hand shoots out and the poet falls in! 

We started by writing setting descriptions of the woods, here is a fantastic example,


'As I made my way into the forest I could see twisted trees and a layer of soft,white mist covered the path.In the distance,I could hear a pack of wolves howling at the blinding light of the bright moon.As the freezing wind crept across my face,I closed my eyes as the cold stung my cheeks.The smell of rotting leaves,filled my nostrils as I proceeded through the deep dark forest.Turning around abruptly,I caught a glimpse of a menacing shadow.Something ominous.And suddenly,without warning....'


Then we imagined that we were the poet and wrote a diary entry for the day that this happened. Here are some of our fantastic diary entries:


Dear Diary,

The day was balmy and tranquil, birds were chirping, flowers were blooming and children were playing. I could hear the shrill voice of the wind singing along to the melody of the birds, which deeply soothed me.


On gorgeous days like these, I usually go outside for a walk, but today I decided to read a good old book. I grabbed my favourite book and opened it. In the blink of an eye, a slender and pale hand emerged from the book, in a puzzled frenzy, I shut the book, and I heard a little girl utter the words “I’m lost in a wood, my mother’s no good.” I raised a single eyebrow.


“Don’t leave me here, I need you to help me!” she pleaded, I was in hysterics, so I put the book back on the shelf so I stopped thinking about how strange and frightening that moment was. “Come inside.” the girl said mischievously.


Before I knew it, I was in the wood she had previously talked about, and the wind was no longer a gentle breeze, it was a savage gale tearing at the branches of every tree in the wood. I felt the presence of a violent beast behind me, so I ran as fast as I humanly could; I reached an abandoned cottage, filled with resources such as food, drink and writing equipment. I am staying there currently, I hope I find a way to get out of this book.



Dear dairy,

My palms are sweaty and my legs are throbbing my whole body aches. We've stopped running now but just for a little bit.


I better start from the beginning. It all started when I opened the cursed book. I opened the book and a hand fell out. I didn't know what that meant so I turned the page only to hear a voice.


The voice was asking me for help but I was too scared so I shut the book but the voice still shouted out at me. "Help!" it cried but I couldn't even look at the source of the voice. I put the book back on my shelf but that didn't help because the book opened by itself and the hand that laid limp on the floor flew back into the book and dragged me with it…



Dear Diary,

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Was I in the book? What even happened?! I'm absolutely shaken. Here was how it all started.


 After I had my midday coffee, I decided to read a book just to see what was inside. I opened the book and I tried to look for a story to read. Then when I went to the next page, I heard something coming from the book. I heard, “help me I'm in sinking sand!” I was mortified. People could talk in books?! I closed it at once and put it on the shelf. But I still heard her. Somehow the book was open by itself! I was frozen to the ground. I couldn’t say anything. Then a hand reached out and grabbed me inside! I couldn’t move from how frightened I was so I couldn't do anything. Before my eyes knew it, I was trying to escape from the sinking sand as well! Then I managed to get out and get her out. So we ran and ran and ran and ran until we got tired. I looked in the sky thinking I was going to see the outside of the book but no. After a while, it got dark so we found a place and rested there. Then the next morning… I was back in my house again! I was shaken. How did I get into the book? How did I even come back! I guess I’ll never know.