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Hereford's November Blog


In Maths we started the month by looking at addition and using first, then, now stories to help us understand more. We then did the same for our subtractions. We made up stories such as ' First I have 12 bags and then my friend gave me 4 more. How many do I have now?'. We also used pictures and shapes to understand our addition and subtraction. In the last week we have been looking at height and length, comparing lots of different objects and using different ways of measuring. We looked at using cubes and pencils to start with and then talked about using hands and feet to help us. We measured a range of objects around the classroom and have identified if they are taller or shorter and longer or shorter than the other. 


In English we have been looking at instructions to make gingerbread men and Jam sandwiches. We looked at what ingredients we would need to make a gingerbread man and then how we would be able to create the gingerbread with these ingredients. When we were baking we were focusing on our ‘bossy verbs’ and where in our instructions they would need to be. Next, we made gingerbread men and gingerbread Christmas shapes as we had innovated our previous instructions. They tasted so yummy! We also looked at a jam sandwiches, by sequencing our instructions and then using these to make them. We looked at different ‘bossy verbs’ such as spread, put and cut.


For our CCCS topic ‘Bonnets and Bell’ we have been looking into the life of Victorians. We look at all of the different toys that they used to play with and compared them to the toys that we play with today. Then, we looked at making bridges and how they are so strong. We discussed triangles and how they are a strong shape, and tried to make our own bridges out of spaghetti! We also listened to 'London Bridge is falling down' and sang along whilst clapping to the beat.

Christmas Performance:

Over the last month we have been practicing for our Christmas performance. This has been very fun but lots of hard work. We have learnt lots of new songs with different gestures and our lines. We have been practicing a lot, making sure that it is amazing for when parents get to see it.