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January 2021


January has been a very different start to the Spring term and not one that we had anticipated! The news that we would not be returning in January was disappointing and all of the teachers at Christ Church felt saddened by this. We know now that this is the safest option for us at the moment and we were so impressed by our children and their families for approaching online learning so positively. 

This month I am going to share all of the online work we have been completing and I hope you enjoy our January blog. 


In our class this term we have been looking at the story of 'The Twits'. The story is about an unkind couple who hated each other and always played mean tricks to get revenge on each other. 



In our writing we have been trying to include conjunctions. This is a very important skill in our learning in Year 2 and helps us to improve and vary our sentences. 

The conjunctions we have looked at include:


Here are some examples of our writing using conjunctions. We hope you enjoy reading them!



I also would like to show you a really impressive piece of writing written by Shaun. This is his non-chronological report.



This term we have been learning lots about place value, adding and subtracting two digit numbers and multiplication and division. Have a look at some of the work we completed. We are definitely becoming more confident with our knowledge of number and can apply this knowledge to missing number problems and complex word problems.



I also tried to set challenges for the children such as finding different coin combinations for money. Here is Wadaan and Amir's suggestions to making 55p.



Our topic this term is plants and we have been learning lots about how seeds are dispersed and how we can grow healthy plants. 

We can remember how seeds can be dispersed by BEEFFS. Have a look at Lorenzo's work defining what BEEFFS means. 


I have also began growing my own beans in my house. I have put one in my cupboard with no light and one on my window. Our enquiry question was 'can seeds grow in water?'. 

The children kept a bean diary to record the growth of their beans. Here is some of their work. 


Here are the beans growing in my house. Can you predict what will happen to the beans in the cupboard and the beans in the light? 



Our first topic in RE this year is Gospel. This focuses on the Good News that Jesus brings. 

We first looked at the gifts that God has given us that bring us joy and ranked these from most important to least important. This was really difficult as all of the gifts are important but really got us to think about how lucky we are. 



Our butterfly this term is 'God save the Queen' and is all about the United Kingdom. We used our geography skills and knowledge to identify the countries in the UK and the surrounding seas. We then identified their capital cities and also used our prior knowledge to sort the UK's human and physical features.


We also used our DT skills to design a pot for our seeds to grow in. Wadaan was lucky enough to design and make his at home. Here is a picture. 



I hope that you have enjoyed reading our class blog. 

I am so proud of all of the children in St Albans class and really grateful for your hard work and the support from your adults. 


Miss Griffiths :-)