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Lichfield's October Blog 2022



In English we have been looking at the Victorian era and compared life for children then and now. 

We looked at educational reforms and identified the laws that have been put in place to keep children safe and give them the right to an education. We discussed how these laws affected society and children's well-being. We used this information to write Diary entries as children from the Victorian era.  






In Maths we have been learning to use a range of mental strategies to add and subtract numbers. We started by looking at the method of rounding and adjusting our figures and drawing number lines to support our understanding. We then used our knowledge of place value to partition and add or subtract numbers.  



This term, Lichfield have had the amazing opportunity to go swimming at our local leisure centre. Lots of us were feeling very nervous on our first trip but after getting in the water we realised how much fun it was! We have already picked up some great skills that we couldn't do at first, such as putting our faces in the water, blowing bubbles, jumping into deep water and swimming without putting our feet down! For the members of the class who were already confident swimmers, we have been learning about how to be safe around deep water. We have looked at how to float on our backs and also how to tread water. We do this by 'washing the floor with our hands and riding a bicycle with our legs'.