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Hereford's January Blog


In English this month we have been looking at the book 'Man on the Moon: a day in the life of Bob'. We have looked at innovating our leading character and changing our setting. We have discussed why and how we use adjectives to describe, and how this makes our writing better. We then used these adjectives to describe our new character and setting. Now we are planning to write our own space adventure stories!



In maths this month we have been looking at equal groups and how to use what we already know to help us with our multiplication and subtraction. We did this by looking at using part-part-whole diagrams to start with, helping us share our groups equally. We also used cubes and dienes to help us remember how to share equally. After this we moved onto looking at finding equal groups through circling an amount and using the number sentence: there are ___ groups of ____.


In CCCS this month we have been looking at space and adventurers. We started off by finding out lots of information about Neil Armstrong, including the fact that he was the first man on the moon. We also learnt a very famous quote by him that said “One small step for man, One giant leap for mankind”. After this we looked at the differences between Erith and Space and what questions we would ask an astronaut to understand more about this. Finally, we painted our own solar system using our fingers, and mixing our primary colours.

Hall Place School Trip

This month was very exciting as we got to go on our school trip! We visited Hall Place & Gardens. During our time there we got to look at and play with some Victorian toys including Yoyo’s, skittles, spinning tops and hoops. It was so much fun. We then got to eat our lunch in a room all together, which was yummy. After eating our lunch, we looked around the gardens and found a huge tree. We spotted some animal shaped bushes and tried to guess what the animals were. Finally, we got the bus home and were very excited to all be at the top of the bus!