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Remote Education


During Lockdown 2020, Christ Church looked for innovative new ways to deliver the curriculum to children at home. We found out about Google Classroom and have not looked back since! 


What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an online learning platform which allows teachers to add lessons and resources, and also to communicate with the children in their class.


What will I find on Google Classroom?

Each day at 3.30pm, teachers will upload the work needed for the next day. This will consist of a daily timetable, activities to meet the needs of each child, resources, videos from outside school such as Ruth Miskin phonics and Oak Academy, along with Loom videos created by the teacher. Support is offered from class teachers and year group leaders via the comments section, through e-mailing, or by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. The curriculum followed through Google Classroom will be in line with the children's regular curriculum teaching. However, where required, some adaptations will be made to ensure the learning is as accessible as possible at home. For example, families will not have access to a range of equipment to carry out specific scientific enquiries, so these will be adapted to reflect this. During the school closures, work will be provided in line with the normal school hours. This means that your child will receive roughly three hours of work for EYS/KS1 and four hours of work for KS2 to complete each day. If your child has a particular need or struggles to access the curriculum, they will be provided with tailored work specific to their needs. If you have any concerns about the work provided, please email and we will support you further.


What are Loom videos?

Loom videos allow teachers to provide children with a link to a presentation where they will be able to hear the teacher's voice talking through the lesson, as they normally would in class. Creating these pre-recorded lessons allows children to access learning at whatever time is suitable, as we are aware that during these unprecedented times families may have other commitments and we need to be flexible for them. It also allows children to pause the video whenever they like to recap learning, or to comment on the video with answers or questions which teachers can respond to. This is beneficial as learning becomes tailored to each child, such as those who may sometimes struggle with the pace of the lesson and those who are happy to watch the whole video straight away. 


Do we need to submit work?

It is now a requirement that children submit some form of work each day for teacher assessment. This may not always be submitted during normal school hours, and may even be submitted late the next day, but teachers need to be able to give feedback to children as they would in class. This process enables us to mirror what would normally happen in the classroom, so that children are aware of what they have done well and what their next steps are. Teachers will give regular feedback to children on each piece of work they complete and will regularly identify aspects of your child's learning that could improve further. However, not only this, but teachers also enjoy seeing what the children have achieved and want to give them praise! If your child is not regularly submitting work to be assessed by the teacher, this can be marked as an unauthorised absence. In addition to this, we will regularly keep in touch with those families who are not submitting work.


How do I access Google Classroom?

You can access Google Classroom by clicking here or by following


How do I know what my child's Google Classroom login is?

This would have been given to you at the beginning of the year and can also be found at the front of your child's homework book. If your child is new, please e-mail with their name and class or by filling out the form at the bottom of the page, and we will get back to you with their login details. 


I am having trouble accessing Google Classroom, what can I do?

One of the most common reasons Google Classroom will not work is because you are still logged into another Google Account. This will often keep telling you to add a 'class code', whereas on an account we have created, you will already have a class waiting for you which you can accept. You must log out of all accounts by 'forgetting' them, close all browsers and then try to log in again using the new login details. If there is still a problem after this, please e-mail or fill out the form at the bottom of the page for further assistance. You can also find a document at the bottom of the page which shows you how to log in.


What happens if a bubble has to close?

If a bubble were to close, work would be uploaded onto Google Classroom at 3.30pm each day, ready for the next day. Children should follow the daily work and submit their assignments to be marked by their teachers. Teachers will be monitoring the classrooms and communicating with children throughout the day in order to assist with work. 


What if my child has to self-isolate?

Work will be set daily for your child, however as their class teacher will still be in school teaching they will not be able to make any comments during school hours. Teachers will endeavour to respond to any questions as soon as possible. 


What if I do not have access to a computer?

If you cannot access work, please let us know and we will post weekly work to your child to complete. Please contact the school if you feel that you may be eligible for a laptop through the government scheme.  

Help with Remote Education

If you need any guidance or assistance with Remote Education, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

How to support your child's Speech and Language at home


The following presentations and advice sheets will help you to be more confident when supporting your child's speech and language difficulties while they are at home.