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Hereford's November Bog 27/11/20

Soldiers, Skipping Ropes and Spinning Tops:


In Maths, we have been focusing on addition, subtraction and the inverse operations. We have used cubes, counters, number lines and dienes blocks to help us compare numbers up to 20. We have also been using the concept of part, part, whole to help us solve addition and subtraction problems.


For example:

Part + Part = Whole  -------------     3 + 15 = 18

Whole - Part = Part ---------------     18 - 15 = 3



In English, we have been reading the book ' The Highway Rat' by Julia Donaldson. We learnt all about the dastardly deeds of the Highway Rat and how he stole everyone's food! We then used what we learnt to create our own villainous character. Here are some of our own characters:




In the last week, we have been creating our own gingerbread men in order to learn about the features of an instruction text. First, we had to follow a set of instructions to make the gingerbread men. Then we had to create a shopping list of the ingredients so we could help Mr Burbeck's friend. Unfortunately, Mr Burbeck then managed to put the instructions in a shredder. This meant that the instructions were all jumbled up. Fortunately, Hereford Class was able to put them back in the correct order. 


In Science, we have been studying the four seasons and the various weathers associated with them. To help us understand the weather we looked at three different ways of measuring it:


1. Thermometer to measure temperature.

2. Windsock to measure wind-speed.

3. Measuring Cylinder to measure rainfall.


Here are some pictures of us using thermometers and making our very own windsock.


In RE, we have been focusing on the story of Jesus' birth and what it means to Christians. To help become more familiar with the story we created our own masks and acted it out. Here are some pictures:





In History, we have been learning all about the Victorians and what life was like for children over 150 years ago. We compared toys from modern day Britain and those of 150 years ago. We discussed the differences and similarities between them.