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April 2021

Leicester returned after the Easter holiday to begin our 'Maybe It's Because I'm a Londonder' butterfly. The focus for this half term was a local area study combining history, art and geography. We looked at the history of Erith and how it has changed, and most importantly, discovered why there is a large fish sculpture in the middle of a roundabout. 




In English we begen the term looking at a model text of 'No Ballet Shoes In Syria'. We discussed how stories are told from different viewpoints and how stories can be shared to explain or highlight issues and dilemmas. The story focussed on a young refugee who loves ballet and is welcomed (by most) into a new ballet class where we discovered lots of differences between Manchester and Aleppo, but also many similarities. 




In maths we focussed on properties of shape. We worked with mirrors to find lines of symmetry and explored whether it was always, sometimes or never true that a regular shape has an equal number of sides to lines of symmetry. Turns out it is always true. 




In science, we begun looking at states of matter. We explored what determines if a material is solid, liquid or gas. Although we can't see the particles we explored how they act with each other to determine the properties of a material. We grouped materials and looked at some objects that could cause some confusion. Is sand a liquid or a solud? It can be poured, and will usually fill the shape of a container so acts like a liquid. Luckily, we were aware enough to recognise that each grain of sand is minute, therefore each grain of individual sand is a solid.



In RE, we were able to catch up on the work we missed out in Year 3. We explored the Kingdom of God and the improtance of Pentecost on Christians today. 





In CCCS, we explored the history of Erith. We went as far back to the struggle for the Kingdom of Britain in 1066 when the De Luci family were awarded the land that is now known as Erith. We also developed different techniques of shading and using different materials including charcoal and different pencils to create light and dark shade.