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January 2021

Happy New Year! 



After a strange Christmas for us all we returned to our online classroom to continue our learning remotely.

This is what January's learning has looked like...




This month we have been looking at fantasy stories and what we need to include when creating, planning and writing our own stories. We used the story of Reilly as our model text, which features flying shopping trolleys, magical cloaks and mysterious moody elves! 


After looking at the features of a fantasy story and the different elements that we needed to include, we began the process of writing by innovating Reilly's story. We then went on to plan and write our own stories for our 'hot task'. The quality of the work produced was amazing and it is clear that St. Paul's have great imaginations, we can definitely see future novelists and film franchises on their way! 



Over the last few weeks we have been working on problem solving using a range of operations. 

We worked on refining the skills and methods that we could use as well as using 'RUSCAC' to solve problems step-by-step. Do you know what 'RUCSAC' stands for? 

Read, Understand, Choose, Solve, Answer, Check! 

Here is some of the work we have done to solve a range of problems. 



We have been doing some interesting music and art work this month, using the work of existing artists to observe, interpret and appreciate. We then went on to create our own pieces with inspiration from Joan Miro LS, Lowry and Frida Kahlo.



We have been focussing on the key questions; What kind of world did Jesus want? 

We have revisited three Bible stories, Jesus calls the disciples, Jesus touches and heals the man with leprosy and the Good Samaritan. We thought about what Jesus taught us through his examples or telling or parables.