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September 2021

Welcome to Salisbury's September blog! We are excited to tell you what we have been doing this term.




In English, we have been looking at setting descriptions. We started off learning a setting description called 'The Fairground'. This was super exciting as we managed to identify effective vocabulary for our working wall. 


We then went on to invent our own setting descriptions based on a circus and a coral reef.




In maths, we have been learning about place value. We have been identifying what we learnt in year 3 and applying this to year 4. We started by partitioning numbers and then looked at rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000.


Recently, we have been adding and subtracting four-digit numbers. We loved using the dienes to help us, as this was more of a visual representation when we were exchanging.




In Science, we began by learning about the different types of teeth that we have. We then went on to look at the different parts of the digestive system. We applied some of our DT skills and made a collage of the digestive system.


We were surprised to find out that our small intestine was 7m long but our large intestine was only 1.5m long!




In PESHR, we have learnt about the different rights we have as children and identified the ones we thought were most important. 


Most recently, we have been discussing what makes a good friend and have been roleplaying what one looks like.



In CCCS, we have been comparing the East Anglian Fens and the Northern Great Plains. This was exciting as we got to look at lots of information about both places and find similarities and differences between them.