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March 2022

Welcome to our March blog! We have been very busy this month and have enjoyed doing lots of fun things! 




In English, we have been writing our own fact files about the local area, following our recent trip to Erith town centre. We have been learning about how to use headings and subheadings correctly in our writing.   



In science, we have been learning about plants and the different parts that make up plants and what each part of the plan does. We learnt that the roots are used to anchor the plants to the ground and absorb water and minerals from the soil; the stem is to keep the plant upright and carry the water and nutrients to different parts of the plant; the leaves make food for the plant and finally the flower attracts insects to pollinate the plant. We made our very own plant leaflets showing the different jobs of each part of the plant. 


We have also planted our very own sunflower seeds. We are doing an investigation to find out what plants need to grow. We are testing how the plants grow with and without the different things they need. We have one plant with no soil, one with no sunlight and finally one with no water. We ae going to observe the plants and see how they grow.