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Christ Church (Erith)

C of E Primary School

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First Days at Christ Church

We understand that your child’s first days at Christ Church can be exciting, and sometimes a little bit daunting!


To help your child settle in as quickly as possible, we would ask you to make sure that they attend the planned induction session that you and your child will be invited to. This will make your child familiar with their new classroom, and their new teacher.


When Reception pupils start school, for the first two weeks, parents work with us in teaching their children to follow the early morning procedures. Reception children will come in a little bit later on the first 3 days of school to avoid any crowds, and parents will have the opportunity to bring the children to their class on these days. 


We are very aware that some children may take a longer time to settle, and will support both you and your child during this time.


To help your child settle into school life as quickly as possible, they need to be as independent as possible when looking after themselves. By doing the following, you will give your child a very good start in school.


  • Teach your child to dress and undress on their own.
  • Make sure your child can use the toilet on their own (including flushing) and that boys are familiar with the use of a urinal.
  • Show your child how to use a handkerchief or tissues.
  • Talk to your child as much as possible.
  • Encourage your child to talk in complete sentences. Language enrichment is fundamental to all future learning.
  • Read to your child and take them to the library.
  • Sit with your child while they are watching television, and talk about the programme.
  • Encourage your child to paint, cook, play with sand and water etc.
  • Play simple games and do simple jigsaws with your child.
  • Count with your child but make it meaningful – e.g. how many plates, forks, etc do we need?
  • Teach your child nursery rhymes.
  • Do NOT teach your child to write their name entirely in capital letters.


Once your child has started school, please help us in the following ways:-


  • Share a book with your child every evening and talk about the story. Please comment on it in their contact books.
  • Help your child to remember to take their reading book, etc back to school each morning. A checklist by the door can be a good idea.
  • Be positive in your attitude to our school and our teachers in front of your child, in the same way that teachers are positive about all our children’s families. Always feel able to come into school, whether it is to discuss a problem, or just for a friendly chat.
  • If your child wants to write, please ensure that the letters are formed correctly. Guidance sheets are available in school.
  • Letter sounds and how to blend them are taught in RWI (Read, Write, Inc) sessions. Children are taught in groups that best fit their understanding.