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Winchester's February Blog

Welcome to Winchester's February blog post, we have been very busy and excited to share our learning with you. 


In English we have started looking at a new book 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. We have started by looking at a story map of the Gruffalo and we added actions to help us remember the story. We designed or own story maps and acted out parts of the story. Then we moved on to looking at descriptions of the Gruffalo. The children identified that he had purple prickles all over his back; a slimy black tongue and terrible claws. We discussed the use of exclamation and questions marks in the text and changed the tone of our voice when reading what each character said. We used this skill in our news articles about the sighting of the terrifying Gruffalo! 


In maths we have been learning abut the time. We started by identifying o'clock on the practical clocks and then we drew the hands on a clock to show a given time. We read word problems in pairs and identified the time asked. We then moved on to looking at half past the hour. The children were great at this and were able to tell me what time we had to go to playtime (half past 10) and what time we had to go to lunch (12 o'clock)



In science we have just started our new topic of everyday materials. We identified a range of materials such as, wood, glass, plastic, rubber and metal. We had a range of materials out of the tables and the children were given an opportunity to investigate what materials they were made from. We found out that toy cards are made from plastic and metal. We found out tables are made from woods and metal because the metal table legs need to be strong and hard, but the wood needs to be lightweight.  


Here are some pictures of what we have been doing: