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November 2021


In literacy, we have been learning about informative writing styles such as the newspaper article and the non-chronological report. We have considered the difference between these two mediums, and have practiced studying, deconstructing, and recreating examples of both. Our new topic is: Planets and the Solar System - much of the content of our reports has thereby been informed by our learning in Science.



We have been very busy in maths, learning all about various formal written methods for both division and multiplication. We have also learnt how to compare, measure, and record angles using new and recalled subject knowledge before learning how to use mathematical tools such as protractors.



In RE, we have considered the role of incarnation in the Bible, and within wider Christian beliefs. Alongside this, we have considered what people mean when they speak of a messiah. We have considered the extent to which Jesus matched up with the messiah promised in Judean prophecy texts. We have directly investigated original texts (both prophecy and gospel), and used drama to empathise with contemporary people hearing rumours of a baby’s birth confirming the prophecies.



In science, we have been learning all about our solar system - first highlighting what good scientific practice looks like in terms of discerning whether or not a source is accurate, and then using this skill to select and evaluate evidence. From this, we have discovered that the earth and other planets are spherical bodies (as opposed to flat, which many used to believe). We have also memorised the order of the planets from the sun, and discovered what is meant by heliocentric and geocentric models of the solar system.


Guided reading

In guided reading, we have continued to explore the world of Jim, a young Victorian boy on the run form the workhouse in our text, Street Child. We are developing a variety of reading comprehension skills, as well as practicing reading aloud individually and as part of a chorus.



Our pupils are continuing to grow in confidence and ability during swimming lessons.