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Truro's January Blog - 28/1/2021

Welcome to our January blog! 



After the closure of our class bubble, we have all had to adapt to a new way of learning, which the children have done amazingly.

We have planned lots of exciting and engaging activities to keep learning as close to normality as possible.



We started January focusing on mystery stories. We read our new class text called 'The Manor House' and picked out the features that make a story a mystery story. After this, we really enjoyed innovating our own stories from the text set in Roman times. We had to think carefully about the language we used to describe the setting and characters in our stories. We knew our language choices were important because this is how the reader pictures the setting and what characters look like. Our innovated stories were based in a Roman Villa, we used lots of ambitious adjectives to describe the villa. 


We finished our writing unit by writing our very own mystery story. The stories that were written were amazing and created lots of suspense. You can look at some of our amazing writing down below. 





This term in Maths we have been learning about multiplication and division and using different methods to work these questions out. We have been using the partitioning method to work out our multiplication problems this has meant that we have been using our learning from last term of partitioning numbers and applying this to our multiplication questions. We have also learnt to use the number line method to calculate our division problems. 





Here you can see some of our amazing Maths work that we have been doing this term. 
We have now been focusing on recognising data and how information is shown on Bar charts, Tally charts and pictograms. We learnt that bar charts are used for collecting different types of data and how to read bar charts accurately. We then got the opportunity to draw our own bar charts and represent data about how children get to school and the different types of pets. We really enjoyed drawing our own bar charts to present different types of data. Have a look down below at our amazing Bar charts.


Our topic this term is forces and magnets. 

One of our investigations we have carried out is searching our homes for magnets, hunting around fridges and in cupboards. The quality of the investigations the children carried out was equally impressive, with children recording a whole range of investigations into a variety of different materials. Here are some of the results of their amazing work.