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October 2021

October blog

Welcome to St Albans' October blog! We have been very busy this month with our learning and have had a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy looking through our work and pictures. 





In English we have been learning about the story of Traction Man. Traction Man is an action figure who brings inanimate objects to life and believes that some are villains. Here is the story map Miss Griffiths drew to help us with our learning. 



We then used this and our own scenarios to write diary entries in the role of Traction Man. We thought of lots of good ideas such as the air conditioning trying to freeze the children and the horrible highlighters trying to scribble in the maths books! 




In maths we have been learning about fractions and coins. We have learnt all of the coin values and have practised ordering these in terms of their value. We have also looked at halves and doubles to 20. We have made lots of progress. 





In Science, we have been learning about the topic animals including humans. We have been investigating how we are similar and different. We used tape measures and rulers to measure our height, head circumference and hand span to think about how we grow and change throughout our lives. We then used this information to investigate whether the tallest people jump the furthest in our next lesson. 





In CCCS we have been thinking about our similarities and differences in PESHR, which linked nicely to our Science learning. We looked around the classroom and spoke to our friends about how we are the same and how we are different, including the way we look, our likes and dislikes. We discussed how being different is so amazing and important and linked this to our learning about Creation in RE. 






In our PE session we were lucky enough to have an African dance workshop! We had a visitor from a company come to our lesson and teach us a dance sequence about celebration. It was lots of fun. 




We hope you have enjoyed reading our October blog and we look forward to sharing our November learning with you all.