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What do plants need? - 12/03/19

First we explored what seeds and bulbs were. Every single seed has the beginnings of a new plant inside it, along with a little store of food to help it grow.

When the conditions are right, the seed soaks up water and swells, and the tiny new plant bursts out of its shell. This is called germination.

Some plants grow first from a seed, and then develop a bulb that helps them to grow back year after year.

A bulb lets the plant rest underground over the winter when it is too cold, then grow back later in the year when conditions are right.

We  planted a seed and a bulb each, so we could compare how they grow. Comparing means looking closely to see what

is similar and what is different.



Seeds and bulbs need to wait for conditions to be just right before seeds can germinate and bulbs can sprout new growth.

We made predictions for the conditions that we thought our plants would need so they could sprout and grow well.

Here are our results so far.