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November 2020

Wonderful Wells 


As November draws to an end, Wells’ class would like to share some of the exciting learning which has happened in our classroom this month - enjoy!



This month in English, we have been looking closely at a book called Monkey Puzzle. The book is about a poor little monkey who loses his mum. The monkey, who is crying, is noticed by a nearby butterfly and offers to help him find her. Unknowingly to the monkey however, he was about to embark on a frustrating but very funny adventure! To help immerse the children into the story, they used drama to perform the story in front of the class. It is safe to say they thoroughly enjoyed the lesson.






We have focussed on many skills in maths but our feature one for this month’s blog is time. First, we looked at how many minutes there are in an hour and how many hours there are in a day. We then looked at ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’ before moving onto ‘quarter past’ and ‘quarter to.’ As the week developed, so did the children’s understanding and soon, they were learning how to tell the time in five-minute intervals. During each lesson, the children were given challenging reasoning and problem-solving questions to help further develop their understanding and knowledge.





This month in science, we learned about food chains. Before the lesson, the children shared their ideas about what they thought food chains were. See our spider diagram below.


Once any misconceptions were cleared, the children were intrigued and fully engaged in the lesson. Using post it notes, Mr McGookin wrote the names of one producer and three consumers. These were stuck on the heads of four different children who had to work together to correctly order the food chain. As expected, the children found this very fun!






This month in RE, our unit ‘Incarnation’ has been about the build up to Jesus’ birth. All around the world, Christians put out Nativity crib scene ornaments to help them remember this joyful occasion. In class, the children drew, coloured, and labelled their own crib scenes which can be seen below.





During our Remembrance butterfly, we learned what life was like for soldiers in the trenches. It was safe to say that the children were shocked and saddened by the conditions that they had to live in. Armed with their new knowledge, the children were asked to write what a ‘typical day’ would look like living in the trenches. Here are some examples of their work below.




And for now... that is it folks! Come back next month to see what else Wells' class have been learning in class. 


Thank you for coming to visit.