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October 2022


As part of Black History Month last term we learnt about the famous poet and activist: Amanda Gorman. In computing, we carried out some research and learnt that she is the youngest inaugural poet in American history and that she inspires many young people today. We created power points to show what we had found out. 



In English, we have been learning about Biographies. These are a written history of a person’s life and they can be written when they are alive or when they are dead. We learnt that these are written in chronological order and contain important facts such as date and place of birth.  A biography highlights the key events that have happened in somebody’s life and often tells us about their childhood. Using what we learnt about Amanda Gorman in computing we wrote biographies about her life. 



In Science, we have been learning Classification and why it is useful for scientists. We have learnt that all animals have characteristics that can be used to classify them. We also learnt about plants and the many different types such as: Flowering plants, Grasses. Ferns, Mosses and Conifers. We carried out some research on different areas of the field and logged the plants that we found. We then drew graphs to show our findings.



In Maths, we have been developing our multiplication and division calculation skills. We have been learning how to carry out Long multiplication and Long division and then used these strategies to solve a range of problems.



In PE, we have been learning how to play basketball. First, we learnt how to dribble. Then we learnt how to pass the ball. There are 3 main type. Chest pass (pass the ball) Bounce pass (pass the ball) and overhead pass (pass the ball). We learnt that basketball is played in teams of 5 and that you must dribble when moving with the ball.