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December 2021


For our last week of December, we have been looking at poetry. Although many of us believed that poems had to have a particular structure e.g. had to rhyme - we learnt that poetry does not have to have any rules. We started our class winter poem by writing a line each and not sharing it with anyone else. Then, our next step was to share our lines with our tables so that we could create a stanza. We we're not allowed to change anyone else's lines, but had to figure out what order we wanted them in. Finally, we put all 5 stanzas together and created our own class winter poem. Following these steps as a class helped us have the confidence to write our own winter poems. 


Unfortunately, our class trip to the science museum was cancelled. Therefore, we decided to have a whole dedicated to science in class instead! As per our science topic in class, we were focusing on Earth and Space. Firstly, we all designed and created our very own rockets using plastic bottles, string, card, tin foil and lolly sticks. Once we tested that our rockets were steady enough, we were ready for lift off! With a mixture of white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and a cork to help keep in the pressure, our rockets flew high into the sky. 

We ended our day learning a little bit about our solar system, did you know that you can remember the order of the planets by this nmemonic device - My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos. Have a look at our oil paintings that we made to represent our solar system.



In our music lessons, we have been learning about the history of music and how technology has changed it throughout time. We listened to songs from a variety of genres (including rock 'n' roll, soul, disco and swing) and learnt about how that type of music impacted people at that time. We looked at how sound has changed with the introduction of autotune, DJs and amplifiers but also how technology has allowed music to reach a wider audience due to streaming apps, such as youtube or Spotify.