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Winchester's June Blog - 25/06/21



We have been looking at the books: Max the Brave and Max and bird. We started by reading half of the book and we made predictions what we thought would happen next. The children have loved reading and comparing these books as the characters were fearless, friendly and kind. We have created new characters for the story and have written a story about the adventures our new character went on. We also made our own books and planned a beginning, middle and end. The children loved designing their front covers and illustrations for the books. 



In Maths we started by looking at time and investigating word problems relating to time. We recapped what o'clock looked like and the children explained that they know the minute hand has to point to 12 to be o'clock. They also identified the minute hand points to 6 at half past and the hour hand points halfway between 2 numbers. We looked at questions asking us to find an hour before and an hour after. Although this was tricky the children were amazing! We then moved on to position and direction and the children used the key vocabulary (left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, whole-turn, half-turn and quarter-turn) to move around the classroom, playground and field. 



In Science we have been looking at plants. In our first lesson we started by planting some beans. We followed simple instructions to plant the beans and we have been watching them grow. First we got a pot and then we put compost in the pot. We made a little hole in the middle and put the bean inside. We put some more compost on top and watered the plant. We discussed where we should put the plant as it will need sunlight and we need to be able to get to it easily so we can water it each day. The children decided to out the plants in the window and we have checked on them each day. We have also been identifying and naming common plants that we may find on the field and around the playground