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Chester's March Blog - 29/03/2021

Welcome Back to School


It feels quite strange to be welcoming children back to school in March, but these are very strange times. It is great to see all of you back in school and with beautiful smiles on your faces.


Over the last year, we have faced great challenges but it is great to think we are almost through this life changing experience. Despite everything that has been going on, the children have continued to work tirelessly and below is an overview of some of the learning that has taken place.



In English, the children recently completed a non-chronological report about dragons. To be successful, we looked at some modelled examples and picked out some of the key features: title, subheadings, factual information, pictures and captions. We also spent time reading information on dragons and used our retrieval skills to select relevant information from a text.


Once we had planned our report, we began writing and ensured that we included the features previously covered as well as using our capital letters, full stops, present tense consistently and expanded noun phrases.


We also made some dragon sculptures from clay that can be seen below:



In maths, the children have been looking at fractions. The children focussed on the concept of equally and use concrete materials to support this. As the children became more secure, they used visual representations to support them in calculating fractions of amounts, shapes and objects. 


The children continue to practise their times table knowledge and have been working on their recall of 2s, 5s and 10s. Well done to those children who continue to improve their recall and keep hitting their targets each week. Please ensure that you are practising these tables with your children at home.



In our curriculum lessons, the children have been studying Geography. Within this, the children have learnt about different parts of the the globe including the equator, the North and South Pole, hemispheres and the tropics. The children developed an understanding of the terminology and how they impact on the globe. 



In R.E., we have been looking at the story of Easter and the importance it has for Christians. During these lessons, the children have had the opportunity to discuss their experiences of Easter and how they celebrate it in their families and compare this to other families around the world. We have also developed our understanding of the story of Easter through class worships and the children began to discuss the story of the Last Supper and Palm Sunday.



In science, we have been looking at animals and insects. Initially, we looked at the habitats of insects and animals around the school and developed this understanding further by discussing the basic needs animals have for their habitat: food, water and a safe place for their offspring. We then extended the children's understanding further by discussing food chains and classifying living things as produces, consumers or decomposers.