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September 2021


In English, we have been looking at the planet of Pandora (based on the film Avatar). We watched several clips to help us imagine the characters and settings that we might write about. We created several pieces of work around this, including creating our own animal, writing a setting description and creating dialogue between the two main characters. Finally, we wrote our hot task, which was our own fantasy story based on the Na'vi people. We have learnt several new skills, such as parenthesis and relative clauses. Can you spot any of them in our writing?



This month, Lichfield class have been looking at place value. We have been learning how to read, write, order and compare numbers up to 1,000,000. We looked at what the value of each digit of a number was and how we can use this knowledge to find larger and smaller numbers.

We have been also learning how to add and subtract numbers, which have more than 4-digits. We first looked at how to answer these questions using place value counters but eventually felt confident enough to move onto column addition and subtraction. Some of us even tried harder challenges that including finding missing numbers!





Our butterfly this term has been 'The Ultimate Victorian'. This has involved us learning about the reign of Queen Victorian. We learnt a lot about Queen Victorian and ordered the main events of her life into a timeline - did you know that when Prince Albert died Queen Victorian wore black for the rest of her life to show how she was forever in mourning? 

We also looked at what life was like for children in the Victorian times. We looked at the conditions children had to endure in the workhouse and the types of jobs they would be made to complete. We also looked at how school was different back in Victorian times and even though it was eventually made free and compulsory for all children, it wasn't always a nice place to be! Some children would be hit with a cane if they misbehaved or made to stand in the corner wearing a dunces hat!