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Collective Worship Evaluation Week

Daily acts of Collective Worship are continually evaluated by the school's Christian Identity Lead, to ensure that they provide pupils with an invitational, inclusive and inspiring opportuntity to explore faith, both corporately and personally. We believe spiritual development thrives best when pupils are given opportunities to learn, ask questions in safe spaces and observe or hear the witness of others.


During each and every half term, we evaluate every act of worship during a week, with pupils, support and teaching staff, and governors, giving their input into the gathering, engagement, response and reflection offered during this time. These are then discussed and considered by SLT, and then shared with staff, pupils and our leading lights team to make plans to adjust and improve.


Key elements from these evaulations are shared below:


* Pupils from all year groups are aware of how to enter collective worship, where their class sit, the importance of reverence and being calm and understand why they bring their candle to worship.

* Pupils are given time to reflect on particular Christian values or themes, or pray individually for those they love.

* Pupils and staff comment how welcome they feel, either through the greeting or by the presence of familiar faces.

* Children are able to name people from the Bible who display particular characteristics (e.g. looking at courage and boldness; David, Joseph, Stephen, Paul, Moses).

* Pupils comment that we celebrate and worship together because "we are one family".

* Children can explain the impact of collective worship, particularly when given a question to reflect on or a thought for the day (e.g. "even when it is hard to be brave, it is always the right thing to do.")

* Leading Lights helped during the worship song to point out the words, sing the song for the younger pupils to learn and lead the actions.

* "I can have an amazing life, and should always be confident and believe in myself, because God is always with me."

* "Pupils set up the hall ready for worship, operated the computer, introduced prayers and liturgy and welcomed pupils by holding the doors open. At the end of worship, they also pack everything away."

* Pupils are able to give detailed examples of when they have shown courage, and explain what courage means.

* Staff and pupils commented how acts of worship linked with previous day's and week's acts of worship, and that they could identify themes running throughout these.