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Winchester's March Blog - 25/03/21


I wanted to start this blog post by saying how proud I am of Winchester Class. With the national lockdown forcing the majority of children to stay at home and complete their learning online, we have shown resilience and perserverance to continue with our education. We would like to thank both the children and adults for the hard work they have put in during this difficult time. 



During March we began to look at poems and rhyming words. We explored lots of different poems and traditional rhymes which the children loved. We looked at the structure of a poem and identified where the rhyming words would be found and we used our phonic knowledge to create our own. Following on from poetry we have started to look at instructions. We started this by making Easter nests. We looked at the ingredients we needed (Milk chocolate, rice krispies, cake cases and mini eggs) and the method we needed to follow. We had lots of fun making these and enjoyed eating them as well. We decided we wanted to innovate our Easter nests and we created 'Easter bunnies' which meant milk chocolate was swapped for white chocolate and we added marshmallows and gummy bears for decoration. 







In maths we began by looking at time, we have explored the times of O'clock and half past. To help us remember where the minute hand would be positioned we used our arms to remind us. We then looked at what we did at different points of the day and we discovered that home time is at half past 3 and lunch time is at 12 o'clock. We challenged ourselves by looking at word problems, where we had to add and subtract hours to identify the time. We then looked at position and direction and were able to use our star words to support us in describing the position of objects we placed around the room. Winchester class also used their mathematical language to give directions to their peers and introducing whole turns, half turns and quarter turns. 





In Science we looked at materials and their properties. We looked at materials such as glass, plastic, rubber, cotton and water. We then discussed the star words such as waterproof, transparent, opaque, strong, weak, soft and hard. We completed experiments by feeling materials to see if we could identify their properties. We concluded that plastic and glass are waterproof, and that material is not waterproof and is opaque.

Red Nose Day


Red Nose Day returned on Friday 19 March. Whether you dressed up as superheroes, took on a supercharged challenge or did a socially distanced quiz.

Things might look a little different this year, but with our Covid-safe tips and virtual fundraising ideas, we still had loads of fun.

It was lovely to see so many children participating in Red Nose Day and donated to such an amazing cause.