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September 2022


In English we have been looking at a visual literacy text: ‘Roads End’. We watched the short clip and were left wondering who the mysterious man in goggles and a red scarf was and what happened to him. The short film begins with a man inspecting the wreckage of a car and as a viewer we assume that he has survived a car crash who is rescued by a friendly driver, who stops and offers him a lift. However we soon realise that all is not as it seems and especially not the driver.  Inspired by this mysterious video, we went on to write our own narrative for the story and then wrote a news report on this shocking accident focusing on the writing skills of parenthesis and direct speech.



In maths, we have been focusing on solving problems involving addition and subtraction. We brought it to real life by incorporating numbers into problem style questions. Here is an example:  In January, there were 34,371 newborn dragons. The dragons were silver and black, with large scales. In February, another 61,428 dragons were born. However, in March, 42,985 dragons died. How many dragons are there?




In PESHR we have been identifying what  makes a healthy relationship. 

We found out that the features include:

  • enjoying the time you spend together
  • talking through your problems instead of arguing about them
  • being kind to one another (e.g. giving compliments and sharing) 
  • feeling loved and secure 
  • respecting your boundaries and differences



 In Geography, we have been learning about the North and South America. We learnt that there are 23 countries in North America and 12 Countries in South America. We have used atlases to label countries, capital cities and key physical features. Then we compared a country in each continent to see how life there was the same and how it was different. 



In RE, we have been learning about creation and discussing the big question: Creation and Science – conflicting or complementary. We have looked at Genesis 1 and Psalm 8 in the Bible and explored Christians views on Creation. We discussed how these two texts were similar and how they were different.