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Hereford's February Blog 26/02/21

As part of our Home Learning, we have been finishing off our information texts all about Guinea Pigs and other animals. We used the following sub-headings:



What do they look like

Where the live

What they eat

Interesting Fact


We used this to write our own information texts all about various animals - from wolves to puffer fish. What would you write about? What would you want to know more about?

This month we have been learning about time an capacity. Using containers found around the house we were able to find out which containers could carry the most water/have the greatest capacity. We also learnt about the following terminology:


Full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty.


We then used this vocabulary to order capacity measurements from least to greatest. Would you be able to re-order the containers in the picture above from smallest to greatest capacity?


We then went on to answer questions all about time. We understood the importance of using the minute and hour hand correctly to tell the time to half hour and whole hour time values.

In History and Geography, we learnt about Christopher Columbus a great explorer who travelled across the oceans and seas bringing newly discovered food and materials to Europe. 


We also learnt about coasts and made comparisons between Erith and Southsea in Portsmouth seafronts and how they are both used.


To further help us understand the variety of fruit we are now able to enjoy we made delicious fruit salads. These included fruit like bananas, strawberries, grapes, kiwis and watermelon etc. What is your favourite fruit? If you made a fruit salad, what would be in it?