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Hereford September Blog

Welcome to our September blog! We are really excited to show you what we have been doing this month!


At the beginning of September, we started our English off by reading the story 'Superworm'. We found out that Superworm was a super friend and he helped his friends by making himself into many different objects such as a hat, belt and hula hoop. We created our own story map, and acting out some of the main scenes that we enjoyed to help us remember the key parts. We then started writing captions to describe what we could see in pictures. We then thought about what we would be instead too! The last couple of weeks we have moved onto reading 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson. We started by acting out and creating a sequence of moves. We then made this into our story map and wrote a post card explaining all of the sights that the snail and the whale saw. Lastly, we used a 'Hot seat' to immerse ourselves into the characters from the story.


In Maths we started to look at numbers up to 10 and 20. We began this by using cubes and pictures to help support our learning. We then started looking at number bonds to 5,6,7,8,9 and 10, using our understanding of adding and cubes to help us. After that, we used a part-whole model and number lines to help us solve simple addition and subtraction questions. We did this by looking at equations such as, if I see 16 birds flying in the sky and 2 land, how many birds are still in the sky?



In Science, we have started to look at 'Animals including Humans'. First, we labelled body parts of a human. We did this by labelling a human body. We found out that we have five senses and these are sight, taste, hear, touch and smell. In class we had a smell test, we smelt different sauces and had to tell the class what we thought it was. After this we look at some of our local birds by making binoculars and walking around the playground to see what we could spot. By doing this we saw lots of birds like pigeons and parakeets. Lastly, this week we look at how we group animals and categorise them. We found that there are 6 different groups of animals; insects, mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles and fish. We played a fun spotting game, to see if we could remember what animals go into what category.