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Hereford October Blog

Welcome to our October blog! We are really excited to show you what we have been doing this month!


In English, we looked at non-chronological reports and how we can write information. These reports were all about our favourite sea creatures such as jellyfish and whales. We used these reports to help us find out more about these underwater creatures. We then made our own sea creatures and created a non-chronological report about them. We talked about their habitat, diet, how they survive and an amazing fact that we could think of about them. Recently we started watching 'Something Fishy'. We learnt how to sequence events chronologically and use adjectives to describe what we could see. This was lots of fun and we really enjoyed this!


In Computing we used Bee Bots. We have looked into positional language and how we can give successful instructions to a robot or a toy that we have to program. We have been trying to move our Bee Bots from one space on a carpet to another, using instructions and coming up with our own. This has been great fun. We also made sure that we knew our lefts and rights. To do this we looked our hands and if we could make an L we knew it was our left hand.


This month in Maths we have been looking at and identifying 2d and 3d shapes. We have looked at the qualities that makes each shape the way that it is. We discovered new vocabulary such as faces and vertices to describe our shapes. We also discussed whether they had curved sides or straight sides. The class then wrote mathematical sentences such as: ‘This is a square. It has 4 sides and 4 vertices.’