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February 2021

Excitingly, we were all able to return to the classroom after the national lockdown. As a class we enjoyed using discussions to lead our learning throughout February sharing ideas in all subjects during the half term. 


In English, we started by looking at how structure helps contribute to the meaning of a text. We looked at newspaper reports, identifying the key structural features and how they help the reader understand what has happened. We explored a range of newspaper reports and identified similarities and differences. We then created our own news reports about an interesting event in history. Did you know that the world cup was stolen in 1966?


In maths, we continued to develop and secure our understanding of place value. We used manipulatives to partition numbers in a range of ways. We then used that understanding to solve addition and subtraction problems, providing reasoning for when we needed to exchange and regroup numbers. 


In CCCS, we explored the history of the Anglo-Saxon reign. We used a range of sources to explore the links to our past. We linked with geography to determine where Anglo-Saxon settlements were. Did you know any place ending in 'wich' would have been an Anglo-Saxon farm. We also used a range of sources, such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles and images of monasteries that are still standing, to explore when and why Britain was converted to Christianity.