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April 2022


In DT, we were learning about different cultures and the food that they eat. We looked at the type of food and drink that would have been consumed in ancient Greece. We decided to make some Greek honey-spiced cookies (melomakarona). We weighed out our ingredients and following the instructions carefully to ensure that no mistakes were made. Everyone had a turn at mixing, sieving, kneading and then we baked them in the oven until they turned golden brown! 




Dreams Can Come True

For the first week of Summer 1 we focused on our ambitions and life goals. We looked at the importance of our emergency services and how to use them, KS2 had the opportunity to meet with an author who told us all about achieving her dream and finally Lichfield Class designed and pitched their own business ideas: dragon's den style. We had lots of fun thinking of innovative ideas and using our persuasive techniques to try and sell those ideas to our friends. 




In music, we have been learning about the length of a crotchet, quaver, semi-quaver, minim and a semi-breve. We practiced playing these notes by using our hands and voices. At first, we clapped beats as a class and then we had a turn at writing and performing our own tune.