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All Things Bright and Beautiful - 25/03/19

In Chester we thought about why Christians ask God to forgive their sins; because of Jesus’ example and action — being prepared to die to save/rescue people and heal their friendship with God. Christians believe that God certainly has the power to forgive sins. For them, Jesus’ resurrection proved many things, one of which was Jesus’ power to forgive sin.

We decided that it is important for Christians to forgive because it's what Jesus taught us to do by dying on the cross to save us. Jesus loved us so much that he died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins.

We can forgive our friends and families in the way that Jesus taught us to. Even if the problem keeps happening you have to learn to forget and move on and keep on forgiving in the best way you can.

We learnt about some stories from Holy Week like washing of the feet where Jesus washed the disciple's feet showing you can be kind to everybody.

We painted eggs to represent new beginnings - how to forgive and forget. We hope you like them!