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January 2022

Martin Luther King Day

As part of Martin Luther King Day, each class in Christ Church was given a historical figure that has helped change and impact the world in different ways. Lichfield Class were given the opportunity to learn about Pablo Picasso! We found out that Pablo Picasso (alongside George Braque) started a new style of art called cubism. Cubism is a style of art, which aims to show objects and people from lots of different angles all at one time. As a class, we attempted to create our own self portraits but in the style of Picasso. 



In Geography, we have been learning about coastal erosion. This is an issue that is impacting coasts all over the world, even coasts in Britain. It is caused by extreme weather and waves carrying debris, which hit into the cliffs. Overtime, these cliffs are worn away and notches are created until, eventually, the cliff collapses into the sea. We learnt that this can cause a lot of disruption to people's land, houses and businesses. Have a look at the display we made in class!