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March 2021

This month we all excitedly returned to school, looking forward to seeing our friends and completing new tasks. Please take a look at the fun activities we have been doing recently.




In maths we have done lots of practical work with fractions and lots of measuring too! 

We learnt how to calculate perimeters and how to identify perpendicular and parallel sides. We had plenty of new maths vocabulary to remember!



In our PESHR lessons, we learnt what 'mixed feelings' means.



Art has also been interesting and we concentrated carefully one afternoon to produce printed pictures using a technique that the artist Georges Seurat used to trick people's eyes into seeing colours differently. Instead of mixing colours on his palette, he experimented with painting tiny dots of different colours next to each other, so that when people looked at his paintings, their eyes mixed the colours to provide the effect he wanted. 




We have also been developing our enquiring minds, by learning what a data base is, finding out how to create a data base and how to sort and order the data so that we can use it to answer questions.



Unfortunately, we had planned to plant some seeds and find out what plants need to grow and survive, however, we weren't able to do that at home this term, so we shall be planting seeds and tending them next term - please look out for our next blog to see how our plants are doing!