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January 2021

The stories from York Class

Our January blog is a little bit different this month, after the closure of the year 1. We have found ourselves learning from home, which the children of York Class have been fantastic at.




We began this term by looking into fiction and non-fiction texts and identified the differences between them. The children learnt the fairy tale of 'The Three Little Pigs' and also discovered how to care for a guinea pig. 

During looking at the fairy tale, we discovered how to sequence the story, draw a story map, use adjectives to describe, innovate characters, plan a new character into the story and then finally we wrote out our new fairy tale.

We then went on to look at guinea pigs and how to care for them. We learnt how to find information through non-fiction texts. Guinea pigs need hay to eat, fresh water, a cosy bed and lots of cuddles. 



We began January by building and securing our knowledge with number bonds to 20, by using physical resources such as cubes and ten squares. We applied our knowledge by using the part - part - whole method to solve equations, which helped us sole an equation with missing numbers. We were able to solve addition and subtraction equations using the methods that we learnt.

We then went on to learn how to count in 2's, 5,s and 10 and used a number line to help us identify how to count on. 



 Our Christ Church Curriculum Safari topic started in January was about the coast. We discovered about our local coast at the River and Thames and also about the coast around England. We looked at oceans and discovered what order of size the oceans are in. York Class learnt about who lived at the coast and what jobs they did to help.

We also learnt about a famous explorer called Christopher Columbus. He discovered new lands, people and new food, which is what we eat now. 

Here are some of the examples of children's work that has been completed at home.