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Leicester's October Blog 2021

Leicester Class have been extremely busy in October continuing our 'What's So Great About Ouse?' butterfly. 




For our writing, we have been using the story Bill's New Frock to create our own stories that deal with issues and dilemmas. The original story dealt with the different way that boys and girls are treated based on how they look and how they are expected to behave. We innovated the original story, with some children deciding to switch it around so a girl gets treated like a boy, and others creating stories where a child was treated like an adult wearing a brand new suit. We discussed how we could develop characters by using effective adjectives to describe what they look like, as well as using show, don't tell to describe their actions and personality. 



In maths, we have been looking at equivalent fractions. We started with a fraction wall, identifying the numerator and denominator. We then split the fraction wall apart and built pairs of equivalent fractions. This means when two fractions have the same value. For example, if I ate 1/2 of a pizza, I would have also eaten 3/6 of the pizza. 




We continued to focus on Creation. We had already discussed where it fits into the 'Big Story', so we have been discussing how a Christian would use Genesis to impact their behaviour and beliefs in the world today. We looked at practising Christians and how they live their lives in honour of the fact that they believe God created the world around them. An example of this would be a forest church, who hold worships outside so they can connect to nature and appreciate the wonder of creation. 




In science, we have been been building on our understanding of animals including humans. We had previously learned about the digestive system and why living things need nutrition. We developed our learning by looking at different food chains and how energy is transferred through a local habitat. We then built food chains based on different habitats, discussing whether we agreed or disagreed with our peers' choices based on whether each animal was a producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer or tertiary consumer. 




In CCCS, we concluded our butterfly by looking at famous artists who used landscapes as inspiration for their work. We then practised using a range of materials including wax to create our own artistic representations of the Northern Great Plains. We also practised using a horizon line to add perspective to our drawings and attempt to make the image look 3d.