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Christ Church (Erith)

C of E Primary School

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Life at Christ Church

Please use the links to explore different aspects of life at Christ Church (Erith) C of E Primary School.


As part of our creative curriculum (the Christ Church Curriculum Safari) every day can be different, however, we do follow a pattern each day within school. Below is an example of what a day usually looks like at Christ Church:


8:45am to 8.55am

Reception to Y6 Drop off time


Reception & KS1 Home Time


KS2 Home Time


The School car park is for staff and agreed visitors only. Please can we remind parents not to follow staff into the car park nor to drive in if the school gates are open when arriving to drop off or collect your child. This should also be observed after school hours during school events such as clubs.


The increasing number of cars outside school at the beginning and end of the day is a common issue for the majority of schools in the country. We encourage families to walk to school wherever possible and politely request that parents and visitors to the school park in surrounding roads with thought and consideration for the children, other adults and the local community. Please obey the restrictions in place and do not park in an obstructive manner.


Please think before you park!

  • Walk to school if you can.
  • If you have to come by car, try to share trips with neighbours or friends, observe the traffic regulations and park safely a short distance form the school to avoid congestion near to the school so that children can cross safely.
  • Do not park, or wait on the yellow 'KEEP CLEAR' markings. These markings are self explanatory and are there to keep children safe.
  • Do not block other people's driveways with your vehicle. This is classed as unnecessary obstruction and could result in your vehicle being ticketed and even removed.
  • Do not park blocking dropped kerbs. these are in place to allow access to wheelchairs/prams. Blocking these could result in your vehicle being  ticketed.
  • Do not double park.
  • Do not let your children exit vehicles on the roadside instead of the kerb/pavement.
  • Do not turn in the road, but follow the one-way system in place.


The safety of the children is our priority. Thank you to everyone that parks in a safe and considerate fashion.