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November 2021

In our Maths  lessons, we have been exploring different ways of multiplying numbers( grid method, long multiplication, and short formal multiplication methods. It turns out that our favourite method is the grid method because it is easy to understand each step, what is your favourite method for multiplying numbers?

During our science lessons, we have been learning about our solar system and  how the planets in the solar system move. We also visited the Science Museum and enjoyed the Spectacular Space trail learning about how rockets defy gravity when launched into space.

During our French lessons, we have learned to write and adapt phrases from memory such as the seasons of the year. We have also learned to speak in sentences about the weather, using familiar vocabulary and  phrases. Quelle est votre saison préférée?

In our R.E lessons, we have been learning about the Messiah. We spent time studying different prophecies and identifying the evidence pointing to who the Messiah is.


In English lessons, we are becoming  confident writers. We used adjectives, noun phrases and parenthesis to add interesting details.


In PESHR sessions, we have discussed what universal rights are and how how to identify when those rights have been violated.

In our Art sessions we have been learning to mix colour, shades and tones with confidence. We also produced some amazing illustrations of Remembrance Day.