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June 2022

June Blog


More sunshine, assessments, and preparations for Year 6 - it’s been another busy month!




We started off Gloucester class’s final term by looking at performance: first of all reading and performing the opening acts of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’, and then by memorising and performing a poem of choice.


After we’d written our own playscripts, we got a little spooky, delving into two different - yet eerily similar - spooky stories about children who went where they shouldn’t have and learned a bone-chilling lesson. After practising different spooky techniques and learning how to build suspense, we had a chance to write some creepy stories of our own!




In maths, we’ve continued our return to earlier learning, ensuring that everyone is ready to step up into Year 6! We’ve covered multi-step problems, squared and cubed numbers, scaling by fractions and converting from mixed numbers to improper fractions just to name a few topics!




In science, we’ve continued learning about the properties of materials and how these can be altered. We discovered how London’s sewage-works process a capital city’s dirty water and had a go at trying to clean some water ourselves! First, we muddied clean water, then worked in groups to select equipment, design an experiment, and report our findings - but can all changes in state be reversed?




In RE, we’ve continued looking at Islam, tying this in with other subjects, such as computing, to explore the role of community in religious faiths. We’ve also used classic Islamic stories as vehicles for learning about Islamic beliefs around the prophet Muhammad (pbuh).