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Chester's April Blog - 30/04/2021


In English, Chester have been reading the book 'Lila and the Secret of Rain'. In the story, set in a small village in Kenya, the family are struggling to provide food and water due to a drought. The little girl's (Lila) grandfather shares a secret with her which leads to her going on an adventure in an attempt to save the village. 

By using this story as our focus, we retold the story of Lila in our own narratives, using speech, expanded noun phrases and our skills of inference to show Lila's emotions throughout the story. We had some amazing narratives, which Mr Elliott was very proud of.




In maths, we have been looking at using our place value knowledge to help us add and subtract two-digit numbers. In class, we began by using dienes cubes to support our understanding of bridging 10 when carrying with addition or exchanging when subtracting. As we became increasingly confident with the concept of carrying and exchanging, we progressed in to using visual representations and drawing out our own dienes cubes to support our calculations. 

By using this method, we became increasingly accurate in our calculations with increasingly larger numbers.


In science, we have been looking at materials and their properties. We began by understanding different materials we use in every day life and their properties. We could then unpick how we use them in society and why those specific materials were selected, such as why tables are wooden and windows are glass.

As we moved trough the term, we also investigated the properties of materials and whether they were malleable, such as stretching, squashing or twisting. 



In our curriculum lessons, we have been looking at the Brecon Beacons and comparing this to Marrakech. We have looked at some key geographical features such as climate, terrain and common daily events. Whilst doing this, the children have noted some obvious differences but also found some surprising similarities.