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Kisasa Primary School, Tanzania

"Jambo kutoka Kisasa!"



Working with CRiBS (Christian Resources in Bexley Schools) we are currently planning another trip to Kisasa Primary school to work with staff and pupils, to support their academic development, to help build further classrooms and teaching spaces and to dig additional water supply wells within the local community.



To learn more about Kisasa Primary School, please click here to visit their website.


Staff from Christ Church (Erith) CofE Primary School have travelled to Kisasa to work with the teachers and children there, as well as to share resources, pedagogy and our love for others, and photographs of our journies have been shared with pupils. 



Staff from Christ Church (Erith) C of E Primary School met with teachers and pupils at the Kisasa Primary School, and were welcomed into their classrooms and outdoor areas. Teachers were very keen to show their guests around the town of Kisasa, as well as teach lessons together. 



Pupils from the school were very keen to share their work and their learning, and took great pride in ensuring their classrooms were clean and ordered. Our staff had taken resources and materials to help the school, and these were incredibly well received. One teacher explained that it is important to help all children understand that "kalamu ni nguvu zaidi kuliko upanga" - a pen's use is more excellent that a sword.



Our team were able to see some incredible views during their stay - not only from the incredible horizon-wide blue skies and spectacular sunsets, but also the amazing wildlife only a few minutes drive away from the town! 


But the most valuable part of the trip, was spending time with pupils and staff, getting to know them, and sharing with them both academic and peadagogic skills, and the importance of faith in our Church of England School. During the trip, the pupils and staff shared ideas for their Christian Values: choosing Respect in honour of our visit and encouragement to them, along with Compassion, Stewardship and Hope.



Trinity Secondary School, also a member of Trinitas Academy Trust, also support a network of schools in Tanzania, and regularly have residential trips to Tanzania for pupils and staff. As part of our through-school family, our hope is that pupils learning and praying for Kisasa at Christ Church will then have the opportunity at Trinity to visit the school.