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Christ Church (Erith)

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April 2021



In English this term, we have been focussing on descriptive language and in particular how using descriptive language makes a narrative more interesting to the reader. Our class text was ‘No Ballet Shoes in Syria’. We loved it so much that we are now reading it as our class text.

We then went on to innovate our own story based on the text and changed the main character, as well as the activity that went on in the community centre.




In maths this term, we have been focusing on Roman Numerals and fractions. We discovered that some clocks have Roman Numerals on them. 


We loved learning about fractions and relating them to chocolate bars; this really helped with our understanding. 




In CCCS this term, we have been learning about the local area of Erith. We looked at a variety of resources and wrote about its history. We were surprised to find out that it wasn’t until 1963 that Erith became part of London. 





In science this term, we have learned about the different states of matter and were able to categorise household items into one of three categories; solid, liquid or gas. We acted out each state, which was a very interesting way of learning about the topic.